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For many years, we are proud to be a pioneer laboratory in technology, skilled workforce, and excellent service. With mind: DNA testing results can determine a person’s fate, and so any step of DNA testing must be precision absolutely, are tested and monitored through multiple levels according to certain procedures, to give customers’ satisfaction and absolute trust.

To meet the needs of your guests a diverse, fast and convenient, we have invested 2 DNA testing laboratory in HCM City and Hanoi according to international standards and the cooperation of most modern technology transfer and equipment imported from America and Europe.  And so DNA testing result of LOCI will be the result of countries with the most scientific development in the world today.

Office of sampling and DNA testing results in HCMC

Office 1: 5th Floor, 54 Phan Dang Luu Street, Ward 5, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City (Van Oanh Office Building)

Hotline: 0904 873 229

 Office 2: 5th Floor, No. 772G Su Van Hanh Street, Ward 12, District 10, HCMC.

Hotline: 0919 644 447

Office of Labo

At Ho Chi Minh City: 793/58 Tran Xuan Soan, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, HCMC.

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DNA extraction room

DNA extraction room of LOCI DNA testing center is a separate arrangement, investing in modern equipment, using the extraction Kit world leading, always ensure extraction processes at the highest precision. Extraction processes are always done in separate PCR Cabinet, with septic system and ensure the highest purity.


Equipped with:

- AppliedBiosystems (USA),

- Whatman (USA),

- Qiagen (Germany),

- Sigma (USA), …

- Eppendorf Centrifuge 5717 (Eppendorf, USA)

After the extraction, it is controlled by the DNA concentration tester NaNo Drop, ensure extraction processes to result in optimum level and highest accuracy.


DNA Amplified Room

Due to the optimized composition of each mixture, heat cycle, multiply PCR cycle, we amplify DNA by chemical analysis of 16 gene locus (Identifiler, Identifiler Plus and Identifiler Direct) – new version of Applied Biosystems .

The advantage of amplifier system (PCR machine) model 9700 PCR block of AppliedBiosystems Gold (USA) is designed to block with gold (Gold Block), to help heat increasing and reducing processes to take place very rapid about PCR real-time requirements with high precision, ensure multiplication processes of DNA.



Automatic Analysis Room

DNA automatic analysis room is invested in a uniform DNA automatic analysis machine system Genetic Analyzer of AppliedBiosystems firm (USA) and capacity is 16 capillaries to proceed electrophoresis. This is the most advanced system in the world today for automatic genetic analysis according to capillary electrophoresis technology.

This system is being used at reputable laboratories in the world:

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI ).

Australian Federal Police (AFP)

DNA analysis laboratory of the British Royal Police (Forensic Science Service – FSS),

Singapore Police Force (SPF)

DNA Expertise Centre- Criminal Science Institute – Ministry of Public Security


Data Management Room

GeneMapper IDX software specialized for analyzing and reading DNA data and comparing automatically 16 gene loci. After the technician completed the DNA analysis with bar coded, analysis results will be taken to a scientific committee to provide the most accurate conclusions about the phylogenetic relationships between DNA samples.

When there is the conclusion of scientific committee, based on the sample barcode data management software will give customer’s information corresponding to the DNA sample. Company Director will send DNA analysis result notice to customers with full customer’s information and conclusions about the phylogenetic relationships among DNA samples analyzed.



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