dao tạo 1



Over the years, LOCI center has actively promote activities of scientific research and technology transfer, development and application research results and technical experience in molecular biology for many centers and hospitals in Vietnam and the region.

The system of laboratories is modern and has fully equipment. So, LOCI center is also where to training, technology transfer of the Professors, Ph.D and leading experts in the field of molecular biology of Vietnam and other countries in the world.

dh Tan tao

-         Welcome the delegation from Tan Tao Medical University and teach their students.

PGS Huan

-         Welcome the associate professors, Ph.D. visited and studied at LOCI center.

TTCong nghe

-         Students of HCMC Biotech Centre studied at laboratory.

tt Kiem chuan

-         Professional adviser for the topics at HCMC Testing Calibration Center.


-         NK trained to Cambodian National Community Health Center in 2006.

bac si hoc tap

-         The doctors and students participate to study and research at center.

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