Are DNA testing results ACCURATE?


Are DNA testing results ACCURATE?


-         DNA testing results can determine a person’s fate

We understand your current needs about DNA testing, BUT you do not know where to do DNA testing credibly and accurately.

You need:

-         Identifying clearly about the blood relationship of your relatives to decide appropriately.

-         Doing blood testing to do the necessary procedures to the Embassy, the Department of Justice, the Commission, the Court …

-         Certainly you are frustrating when testing samples must take away and take back many times. This do you take time and effort to go back.

-         When you receive the results, you wonder how results are accurate.

How do you choose where the most reliable testing?

We have a few tips as follows:

-         You should read carefully about the Introduction of testing center, see the ability and watch them prove it in a specific way.

-         Appropriate genetic counseling, thorough testing prior to, clearly explained when returning results.

-         Machine and equipment systems are modern with testing kits Applied Biosystems (USA) new version according to HID standard – the most rigorous standards in the field of genetics. The sensitivity is 100 times normal kit, only the prestigious center used (this is like as Radiography is always cheaper than CT, MRI).

-         The most important factor is still scientific council. There are things that machines cannot replace the human being, machinery give the results but the scientific council must reappraise whether any unusual factors, such as mutated gene. At this time machine cannot be concluded.

-         The laboratory has many quality certificates as much as possible, it says the scale and experience of the laboratory, testing steps, engaging management and reduce unnecessary errors undermine the results of the customer.

-         The most important is the laboratory has WARRANTY of your results or not, it proves serious work and precision results.

LOCI DNA testing center fully meet all the above requirements

For peace of mind and confidence, please come to LOCI

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