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War has gone in the past but the loss, physical and mental pain of the Vietnamese people has not yet been cleared. In particular, the families who their relatives have sacrificed in battle have not found a grave to bring back home to worship, take care of incense. DNA testing experts of LOCI center always think that how can help families find the remains of his father and his brother to took them back to their native birthplace. From this impulse, LOCI’s members have decided to establish a forum entitled “ASSESSMENT REMAINS” through the DNA assessment process.

The principle of DNA assessment remains

For assessment of DNA can see the remains to have blood relations with relatives or not, the experts of LOCI DNA testing center must use mitochondrial DNA testing method because the mitochondrial genome have cyclic structure firmly despite they were on the ground long years and spent many weathered …

Mitochondrial DNA tests need to collect relatives’ samples according to maternal stream.



We will collect skeletal samples of remains and cleans. Then we will extract mitochondrial DNA from samples to conduct DNA assessment. All steps are performed in a sterile environment absolutely because mitochondrial DNA is capable of high contamination.


After separation of the mitochondrial DNA from the remains we conducted multiply the D – loop DNA PCR9700 machine to serve the Gene Sequencing.

Step 3:

We use modern technology with its ABI3100 machine of Appliedbiosystems – Americans to serve Gene Sequencing

Step 4:

After solving the sequence of the mitochondrial DNA samples need to be examined, the sequences were compared with each other by SeqScape2.5 software, this comparison is through standard sequencing Anderson to find a blood relationship network between them.

With a team of leading scientists in biotechnology, and modern equipments according to world standard, LOCI DNA testing center by assessment DNA remains process were taken to be more and more numerous nameless soldiers of family and neighbors. In the future, we promise to try our best to bring joy to many families of nameless martyrs in order to Vietnam is no longer the nameless headstone again.


The process of double testing (2 times) according to international standards ISO 9001: 2008, the DNA assessment results of LOCI are accepted  by the modern laboratories worldwide prestige and compare the results with each other.


-         With a sample of remains, you get 2-3 molars or the hardest bones about 1 knuckle is enough samples to conduct DNA assessment.

-         Control samples mean that collecting samples of people in family to do testing. And you can know that remains have the same blood or not: 

+ Brothers and sisters of remains

+ Natural mother of remains

+ Aunts or aunt’s children of remains (maternal side)

The samples are used for DNA assessment

-         Normal samples: Blood, Oral Mucosa

-         Convenient samples: Fingernails, toenails, hair root, the umbilical cord

-         Special samples: hair no root, sperm, toothbrushes, gum, condoms, blood stains on the fabric, cigarette butts….. (See the Instructions for self-sampling).


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