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With the latest services of LOCI, they will help you to be a most effective private detective or private investigator when using DNA test results to find out the answer to your inquiry about the traces or answer quickly to your question in the following:

Adultery Investigation


If you doubt that your honey is faithful to you or not, you will be difficult to focus on work when you are in the anxiety mood. And it may also lead to unnecessary consequences affecting family happiness when your suspicions are incorrect.

If you are detective or hire company to investigate for adultery issue, it is very sensitive. Or if you do not have experience in handling in order that the incident revealed, it will effect on family happiness.

Very simple you will be Detective with the help of LOCI. Adultery investigation means that you need the trace of evidence, including samples of the following findings: semen, semen on underwear or bed sheets, used condoms, hair, socks  … to determine DNA. LOCI will get you have the exact answer that DNA that you collected are your DNA or that of another object. This is evidence to assert that men and women may be having an affair.

The our DNA laboratory can detect DNA in or on the clothing of all kinds as well as water bottles, cigarette butts, chewing gum, urine samples…

Scene investigation  


When the cases occur, the field survey is the work of the polices, in the framework of private DNA testing, you should understand that you are curious or want to verify, investigate the DNA traces that you are interested such as: A blood stains, semen, urine on canvas or clothes, … hair, feathers, cigarette butts, traces of gum, toothbrush … are the DNA of the object and to use DNA testing to determine its origin … Using this service, you get results in a day instead of months or even longer.

For investigators who wish to use the latest technology in their professional knowledge, LOCI will help:

-         Investigators have the opportunity to obtain useful information in the investigation from a DNA laboratory.

-         The results of DNA tests approved by the court and may be accompanied by experts if necessary. Detectives will be instructed how to collect, pack and ship specimens to LOCI to test.

With minimal cost, you will have the DNA test results accurately, quickly and efficiently, and you will relieve the anxiety of your questions simply.

 DNA Testing Quotation

Normally with 2 blood samples, you only cost 5 million. But a lot of different tests specimens will have different costs; you should call for advice and quotation in detail.

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