Questions about DNA testing

  1. The question of DNA testing procedures, security and pricing
  2. Are procedures for DNA testing complex? How much time?

The DNA testing procedure is simple, about 15 to 20 minutes for the testing cases.

There are two types of procedures: DNA testing serve the legal purpose and DNA testing for civilian and individuals purposes. If the testing for legal purposes, guests must bring identification documents. If the testing for personal purposes, customers just need to bring samples at home to LOCI to test.

  1. Which domestic and foreign agencies do legal DNA testing at LOCI use for?

DNA Results for legal purposes are used for regulatory agencies such as

- Embassy of the countries (immigration, citizenship), adoption, birth certificate…

- The court.

- Department of Justice.

- People’s Committee of District, County, City, Departments….. DNA test results are accepted by the legal authorities of Vietnam.

      3. How much does Father – Son DNA testing cost?

DNA testing cost is about 5,000,000 VND for DNA testing Father – Son. Returning results time is about 5 working days. In addition, we also provide rapid testing services (short-term) if customers request, customers can see the price list of DNA tests.

  1. I’m afraid of people in the family know that I go to do the DNA testing, does LOCI have security for me?

The sampling stages from consulting, conducting tests, the returning results are the HR department separately to ensure the objectivity and confidentiality.

All information provided by customers when signing in the application is guaranteed and respected confidentiality. We will use that information to respond in the test results. Only registered users for testing (or who are recorded in the results of testing application appendix) receive results. Besides, during the analysis, all samples were coded in security software system of company to increase security to the highest level.

  1. Questions about DNA testing samples
  2. Do customers need to fast or abstain from eating anything when collecting samples?

When you go to do DNA testing, you do not need to fast or abstain from drinking any drug.

  1. How long are specimens preserved?

Specimens can be preserved about 3 months or more depending on the type of sample. However the samples should be stored dry to avoid mildew, dirty … They can affect the quality of the sample. Loci does not require stringent for sampling because our technology devices can overcome this weakness.

  1.   Do LOCI do DNA testing with hair no root sample?

YES. This is considered a special form.  DNA extraction probability is the result of about 80% to 90%. In addition, our staff will consult customers can add the other samples in the absence of the results.

  1. Fingernails and hair samples are dirty when I collect them at home, so do LOCI test them?

We will still receive customer’s samples and will send to the laboratory in order to technician see. If it is OK, we will receive fees and conduct tests, conversely, we will inform the customer to collect other samples. Normally, impurities do not affect this type of sample.

  1. My son was born a day, does my son do DNA testing?

Yes. We will collect blood or oral mucosa samples for testing. We can do the DNA test when the child still in the womb.

  1. 6 I have just given birth; my husband is very busy, so do LOCI go to my home to collect samples?

Our center staff will go to collect samples at home f if you cannot go to central office, customers only need to contact a counselor to schedule and provide information and address where to go to sample.

  1. Can father’s blood sample and child’s fingernails sample do DNA testing?

YES. All samples both have result and the accuracy is similar. So, customers can collect any sample to do DNA testing.

  1. Questions about the accuracy and the results of DNA testing
  2. Are LOCI’s results exact?

We think that the DNA testing results decide a man’s fate and is also credibility of LOCI center. So every stitch and every step of testing must be absolutely accurate and be monitored across multiple levels.

For many years, we are proud to be a pioneer laboratory in technology; accurate and prestige in serving with a team of highly qualified personnel to respond this requirement.

We have invested 2 DNA testing laboratory in HCM City and Hanoi according to international standards and the cooperation of most modern technology transfer and equipment imported from America and Europe.  And so DNA testing result of LOCI will be the result of countries with the most scientific development in the world today.

Besides, we use chemical kits with highest standards in the field of genetic to proceed testing. After the results from machine will be sent to the software system to analyzes data automatically and compare to the preliminary test results.

The genetics specialist and the Science Council will consult and give the final testing results, ensure objectivity result as well as the absolute accuracy.

  1. I do DNA testing in LOCI center, my child do DNA testing in America, so can LOCI compare conclusions of Father – Son result?

YES. LOCI center uses the Kit analysis of 16 locus genes (Identifiler and Identifiler Direct) AppliedBiosystems firm (USA) according to HID standards, this kit is the most common used in the laboratory worldwide (80%) with an accuracy of 99.9999% .As:

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI ).

Australian Federal Police (AFP)

DNA analysis laboratory of the British Royal Police (Forensic Science Service – FSS),

Singapore Police Force (SPF)

DNA Expertise Centre- Criminal Science Institute – Ministry of Public Security

  1. Questions about principles and methods of DNA testing
  2. Can we know blood relationship when we test blood group?

No. In the world there are only 4 main blood groups and overlap ratio is large. So only DNA blood testing are accurate because each person has different DNA sequences.

  1. My father died, do I want to do DNA testing for my father – I?

NO. However, you can determine children who have their blood relationship according to internally stream or not. And you can be asserted through DNA testing for Grandmother – Granddaughter, Grandfather – Grandson….

  1. I want to do DNA testing with my grandson to see to have blood relationship or no, so can I do DNA testing without collecting his parents’ samples?

YES. We will do DNA testing for grandfather – grandson according to internal stream (Y chromosome) without collecting his parents’ samples.

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