Blood testing for grandfather – grandson

Principles of testing

The Y chromosome is the chromosome defined in the male gender, to determine grandfather – grandson to have blood relationship or not, we based on the examination of chromosomal DNA. Y chromosomes inherited from his grandfather to his father and continued to inherit to grandson and DNA sequence does not change. Center will analyze 16 locus genes on chromosome this Y to do blood testing.

After there are blood test results, if genes on Y chromosome of nephew and grandfather are the same, LOCI may conclude that they have a grandfather – grandson relationship.


Genealogical Chart: Grandfather – Grandson (inherited in grandfather’s Y chromosome)

Blood testing for grandmother – granddaughter

Principles of testing

XX chromosomes defined Female gender traits. An X chromosome received from the Father, the remaining X chromosome received from the mother.

Because the X chromosome inherited from the father’s grandmother, the father inherited in daughter. So, we do blood tests to determine the Grandmother – Granddaughter relationship. LOCI center will analyze 12 locus genes on the X chromosome of two people, and then we can conclude that they have blood relationship or not.


Genealogical Chart: Grandmother – Granddaughter (the X chromosome inherited from Grandma)

Blood testing for maternal grandmother – grandchildren (grandson or granddaughter)

Principles of testing

Similar to the blood testing for Brother / Sister – young (same mother), blood tests grandmother – grandchildren (boys or girls) have also analyzed the sequences of mitochondrial DNA chromosomes to know that they have the blood relationship or not.


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