DNA Blood testing For Uncle – Nephew

Principles of testing

As we all know, rules about the XY sex chromosomes are male. Based on the rules of heredity, we know that all men according to internal lines such as grandfather, father, uncle, son, and nephew … all have the same DNA sequences son chromosome Y.

Thus, to determine the blood relationship between an uncle and nephew, the experts of LOCI will test DNA by analyzing 16 locus genes on the Y chromosome of the specimen. This test can confirm the Uncle – Nephew relationship with 100% accurate.

DNA Blood Testing For Aunt – Niece

Principles of testing

As we all know, pairs of XX chromosomes are defined female gender defined. In particular, one X chromosome is maternal (they are external) and the X chromosome of the father (they are internal).

Based on the genetic analysis of X chromosomes, we know that X chromosomes of aunts and nieces have the same origin. Through DNA testing process, LOCI center can confirm the relationship have blood relationship or not.

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