The benefits of using personal DNA card

Easily find blood relationship and kinship. This is very important for those who may have trouble to birthright problems.

Avoid being exhumed grave after dying because it relates to the incidents…

Thanks to personal DNA card, the doctor may detect the disease in the future you may have, help you quickly prevent and treat early.

 You can use the results of your DNA when analyzed in the LOCI laboratory for comparison with the results of DNA analysis of relatives (father, mother , children ) were analyzed in any other country in the world.

LOCI centre for DNA analysis of genetic with a team of experienced scientists along with modern equipment will help you easily identify locus gene and do personal DNA card in the fastest time.


Customers note that LOCI DNA Center does not use Pomega chemicals kit. We only use the AppliedBiosystems Kit (American) new version according to HID standard. It is the most rigorous standards in the field of genetics; the sensitivity was about 100 times the normal kit, the only prestigious centers use it.

LOCI is the ONLY DNA testing center in Vietnam to achieve the ISO 13485, GLP, WHO, ISO 9001-2008. It ensures that the control of testing results must be absolutely exact. And so, the DNA testing results of LOCI center are accepted by modern and prestigious laboratory in the world and can compare the results with each other.

LOCI is SOLE center in Vietnam results warranty and can compare results to the most developed scientific countries in the world. When you do DNA testing in the countries, the results and results of LOCI center are the same (see Warranty section).

In particular, LOCI is the only DNA center in Vietnam could get no leg hair samples (original) to do DNA testing (extra fee for special samples).

It only takes 4 hour clock to have testing results in 2 laboratories in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. It is the place where do testing the fastest in Vietnam.

LOCI is reliably address of the country’s embassy and the legal authorities of Vietnam. This confirms the prestige and quality of LOCI in this mission.


The samples are used to do DNA testing:

-         Normal samples: Blood, Oral Mucosa

-         Convenient samples: Fingernails, toenails, hair root, the umbilical cord

-       Special samples: hair no root, sperm, toothbrushes, gum, condoms, blood stains on the fabric, cigarette butts….. (See the Instructions for self-sampling).

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