With the dominances of technology, equipments and human resources, LOCI is very proud that is the first DNA testing center in Vietnam to have result warranty because DNA results of LOCI and other prestigious DNA Testing Centers in the world are the same.

Conditions of DNA Testing Results Warranty

-          DNA testing results must be done at LOCI Center in Vietnam

-         Customers who do DNA tests for legal purposes are naturally result warranty.

-         If customers don’t do tests for legal purposes, theystill require warranty. When doing DNA testing procedures, customer must directly come to LOCI Center in oder that our staff collect samples. (Customers must photocopy identity card or passport and take photograph).

-         Warranty foundation: Testing results at LOCI are different from results at laboratories that have functions of DNA blood tests in countries: USA, UK, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Customers must provide document information of that laboratory to do warranty procedures.

-         Customer’s DNA test results in that country must be original and have full personal information such as ID, identity card number, date of birth, hometown, and photo.

Warranty period

-         The results of DNA tests at LOCI have a 24-month warranty from the date that customer receives the results. (DNA test result will not change throughout your life. However, there are some difficulties to store documents; so, LOCI have 24-month warranty).

Warranty values

-         The value of warranty is 20 times costs for DNA testing samples.

-         Pay warranty money within 30 working days from the date the customer provides all the necessary paperwork.

Warranty Procedures

-         DNA testing results are legal in 7 countries above (original results).

-         DNA testing result sheets of LOCI center must have notes to be warranted.

-         Identification of people that did DNA testing need to warranted.

-         Cash receipts are a basis to pay guarantee.


When you do the DNA testing, you should request employee to do warrant results. With such conditions, we will write on the form that results is warranted or not warranted to do a basis for future.

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