Training Centre on molecular biology , DNA sequencing , real - time PCR For students from schools , institutes and hospitals throughout the country


Contents of the training includes lectures on theory as well as l practice sessions on PCR, real-time PCR and sequenced to ensure that students can detect, quantify, and the genotype of the virus agents Hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV), and human papilloma virus (HPV). Besides, the students also participate in technical practice sequenced to detect mutations of HBV YMDD do become resistant to lamivudine is being specific antiviral drugs doctors now commonly used to treat specific chronic hepatitis caused by HBV.


There are over 30 students from the school, hospital, and hospitals nationwide to attend training courses. In the faculty, outside TS. BS. Pham Hung Van and R & D departments of companies Nam Khoa, also with the participation of the MSc Shirley Tan technicians Sequencing Beckman Coulter company from Singapore. The last meeting before the end of the training, Dr. BS. Pham Hung Yun shared with the participants about how to harness can apply the techniques of modern molecular biology solve common problems in health care today and in the life of our country but not always go after foreign scientists.





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